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How we define sustainability Part 1.

My name is Bernadett Schweitzerné Hornicz, and I'm the owner of PGI a glove manufacturing company, and a founding member of Karma Leather Gloves. To share our knowledge and ideas on glove manufacture and sustainability, we are creating a blog. Keep up with our series!


How we define sustainability Part 2.

From a PGI standpoint, the Sustainability Trigger Point

Sustainability is a critical topic in today's society, yet its comprehension and practical application are not always straightforward. PGI, or Pécs Gloves International, is a corporation that sets a good example by creating and implementing these principles. We've learned along the way that identifying ourselves is difficult, but dedication and a multifaceted approach will help us on our way to a more sustainable future. Economic efficiency, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility are all important to PGI's work, and we hope they will encourage others to think in a more sustainable manner.